Family Hiking

When we think about Beech Mountain we usually think about families and being able to do things together. What better way to enjoy a family outing than to hike one of the mountains many trails.

A favorite trail for most everyone is Upper Pond Creek, which follows a creek and is easily accessible to everyone. Pond Creek is a Nature Trail complete with interesting stations marked along its one mile course through Charter Hills.

An easy walk for young folks, it begins at Tamarack Road and ends at Lake Coffey. Be sure to pick up a guide for this trail at either end and it will help make your hike special with your kids. Other trails we recommend, especially for young folks hiking with the family include, Wild Iris Loop and Smoketree Trail and Sassafras Trail.

If you are looking for another family hike with waterfalls, a picnic spot and a slight change in elevation, try the Falls Trail with your family. Be ready for wet fee! Remember to keep an eye on the little ones around the water.

When planning hikes with your family, always think about distance, difficulty and proper clothing for all those going along.



These Trails Are Suggested

Pond Creek Upper Trail--Easy to Moderate

Red Fox/Arrowhead Loop--Easy Smoketree Trail--Easy to Moderate

Falls Trail--Moderate Sassafras Trail--Easy

Sassafras Trail--Easy

After a fun hike with the family, you can go down to Buckeye Lake and enjoy a picnic and some fishing.