Wild Iris Loop Trail

A moderate 1.6 mile loop
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An elevation change of 96 feet.  

Best described as an easy woodland trail, Wild Iris Trail is two miles in length with only a moderate elevation change along the way. Beginning a Cherry Gap, the trail heads north toward Bear Paw Path. At Bear Paw the trail loops back around making its way to connect again at the one-mile point.

Traveling from Grassy Gap toward Bear Paw the trail forks at the 1/2-mile mark. At this point you can go left or right, it's your choice. Taking either direction, you will shortly come upon Bear Paw Path, a town street over which you will travel briefly until you come upon the trail again.  

Because of the openness of this trail, many wildflowers and shrubs are visible during spring and summer. Bring a berry bucket in case it is blackberry season (usually mid to late July into early August.) There is also a small cave beside the trail. See if you can find it. If you are into cross-country skiing, this trail is the perfect spot just after a new winter snow.